One of the things that became clear to us after the pandemic is that you can generate great profits through digital platforms. If you have the thorn of monetizing your content, we tell you about some platforms similar to OnlyFans through which you can earn money.

Maybe you didn’t know it, but OnlyFans keeps 20% of the final earnings generated by content creators like and Simple Escorts Lima. It turns out to be one of the platforms that retains more resources, so it is worth knowing about other platforms that allow you to monetize.

Which platforms are similar to OnlyFans?

In addition to earnings, there are some reasons to look for alternative options to OnlyFans, such as difficulties to open an account, functionality or payment options facilities:


Fansly, the most recent platform on this list, offers content of all kinds to its subscribers, without being limited by subject matter. This platform owes its popularity to Twitter, mostly because of the freedoms and options it offers.

Finally, there are two main aspects that differentiate Fansly from OnlyFans, one of them is the possibility of establishing subscription levels. Another thing is that Fansly gives the possibility to block cities and not whole countries.


This other platform, like OF, offers subscribers content of various themes, not only for adults. Before opening an account on this platform, you should take into account that it keeps 25% of the creators’ earnings.

Just For Fans

This platform was designed and is currently run by sex workers, and works in a very similar way to OnlyFans. Users subscribe in order to view content and the platform keeps 15% of the creators’ earnings.

Finally, unlike OF, this platform has clarified that it is for adult content only and offers options such as geo-blocking or login without stringent verification like simpleescorts at london escort.

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